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November 2019

PACRIM 13 – The 13th Pacific Rim Conference of Ceramic Societies

October 2019

Thick-film type NTCR devices made by powder aerosol deposition - Michaela Schubert defended her doctoral thesis

September 2019

Upgrade von LSM 800 auf LSM 900

August 2019

Dense garnet membranes for lithium ion batteries - Dominik Hanft defended his doctoral thesis

July 2019

Soot Detection in Diesel Exhausts - Markus Feulner defended his doctoral thesis

July 2019

Modelling Mixed Potential Gas Sensors - Thomas Ritter defended his doctoral thesis

May 2019

Doctoral thesis on Pt-based model electrodes on YSZ: Yingjing Zheng defended her thesis

May 2019

1000ster Zitatnachweis in ERef Bayreuth

April 2019

A further step towards understanding ADM: Michael Schubert defended his doctoral thesis

March 2019

Förderbescheid feierlich überreicht

March 2019

1st defense 2019: Tran Nhu Hong Hanus defended her thesis