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July 2020

Dielectrics for power capacitors - Maximilian Streibl defended his doctoral thesis

June 2020

Keramikschichten für Hochtechnologien: Bayreuther Ingenieurwissenschaftler optimieren neues Sprühverfahren

May 2020

Oxygen sensor for harsh environments - Murat Bektas defended his doctoral thesis

March 2020

Conferences cancelled or postponed due to coronavirus pandemic

Due to the actual coronavirus pandemic, all conferences in the near future, on which the Department of Functional Materials was invited or accepted to present research progress are either cancelled or postponed. This concerns all research areas of our department.

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February 2020

Wissenschaftsminister Sibler überreicht Förderbescheid: Neues Projekt zur elektrochemischen CO2-Reduktion

December 2019

14. Dresdner Sensor-Symposium (December 2-4, 2019)

December 2019

Development of glass-based separators for lithium-ion batteries - Ulrich Schadeck defended his doctoral thesis

December 2019

Development of a novel biosensor platform for protein detection - Julia Metzner defended her doctoral thesis

November 2019

As part of this year's President's Dinner on November, 14, the award of the City of Bayreuth was granted to Dr.-Ing. Jörg Exner for his outstanding doctoral thesis.

November 2019

PACRIM 13 – The 13th Pacific Rim Conference of Ceramic Societies

October 2019

Thick-film type NTCR devices made by powder aerosol deposition - Michaela Schubert defended her doctoral thesis

September 2019

Upgrade von LSM 800 auf LSM 900

August 2019

Dense garnet membranes for lithium ion batteries - Dominik Hanft defended his doctoral thesis

July 2019

Reducing CO2 electrochemically to Ethene - Andreas Engelbrecht defended his doctoral thesis

July 2019

Soot Detection in Diesel Exhausts - Markus Feulner defended his doctoral thesis

July 2019

Modelling Mixed Potential Gas Sensors - Thomas Ritter defended his doctoral thesis

May 2019

Doctoral thesis on Pt-based model electrodes on YSZ: Yingjing Zheng defended her thesis

May 2019

1000ster Zitatnachweis in ERef Bayreuth

April 2019

A further step towards understanding ADM: Michael Schubert defended his doctoral thesis

March 2019

Förderbescheid feierlich überreicht

March 2019

1st defense 2019: Tran Nhu Hong Hanus defended her thesis