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Functional Materials
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Laser Patterning

For fine-line patterning and processing of different materials we are using a frequency-tripled (wavelength 355 nm) Nd:YAG laser (LPKF Microline 350L).

Our laser is suitable for the following processes:

  • Structuring of LTCC tapes
  • Patterning of conductor and other lines (line/space < 30 µm)
  • Laser cut of ceramic substrates (Al2O3, Si3N4, ZrO2, others)
  • Bohrungen und Vias in Keramik und LTCC (min. 50 µm)
  • Drilling of vias in fired ceramics and LTCC (diameter min. 50 µm)
  • Scribing of ceramic and glass substrates
  • Laser-assisted milling and cutting of silicon wafers
  • Structuring of thin metal foils and plates (maximum plate thicknesses depend on material)
  • Labeling of ceramic, metallic or plastic parts
  • Processing of polymer materials
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